Overcome The Challenges Of A Startup Business With The Right Attitude!

Posted on Oct 25 2013 - 12:09am by Tiffany Matthews


Working in a startup company can be a challenge, more so when you’re leading a ragtag team of equally talented individuals who share the same drive and ambition as you do to reach the top. Reaching that high point, however, is easier said than done. There will be many challenges you need to overcome. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind when managing your startup business.

Be Open

When you have a small pool of talents working with you, chances are, each voice gets to be heard. There will be many lively discussions as ideas are tossed back and forth. This creative core team is important to any company. As the leader, you have to be open to the possibilities and hear out suggestions from key members of your team. Sometimes it is in hearing out other people’s ideas that you can figure out alternative solutions to problems or issues that you need to resolve.

Be Willing to Compromise

When you’re working with talented individuals, egos are sure to clash. Aside from being the leader, you need to be a counselor mediating and soothing ruffled feathers. Indecisiveness has no place in disputes. Be firm and assertive when carrying the mantle of leadership. Don’t let your decisions be colored by bias or subjectivity. When choosing one idea over another, lay down the pros and cons clearly so that others may see why it is the best choice. If you can’t reach a consensus, be willing to compromise and find a middle ground where most–if not all–of you can meet. Compromise is important but keep in mind that constantly giving in to it can often be seen as indecision. Compromises should be done in moderation and only when absolutely necessary.

Be able to Communicate Clearly

Communication is very important, not only between you and your employees but also with your clients. You have to learn to communicate well and explain in a way that is easy for the other party to understand. Communication is a two-way street so aside from speaking, you also have to learn to listen well. One thing that can get in the way of good communication is the application that you’re using to communicate with another person–perhaps a client or colleague–who is miles away. Investing in a good video conferencing system can help you with this problem. Although there free versions available, the features may be limited only to the very basic functions. You should choose a package that would suit your needs best.

Be Mindful of Time

Time is gold especially when it comes to business. Every second, every minute that you are early or late counts. When it comes to meetings whether with clients or colleagues, always be on time. Being early for client calls can help you make a good impression. As for building a good reputation and image for your company, quality and punctuality go a long way in cementing your business as one to trust in the industry. So always be mindful of time whether for meetings or delivering excellent services.

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