Oracle Might Only Receive $150,000 In Damages From Google

Posted on May 11 2012 - 8:00am by Editorial Staff

Interesting to hear this but would definitely spoil the Oracle’s mood as the company might only receive $150,000 in damages from Google. There was a point in time when Oracle was trying to fetch $6 billion from Google in damages, then reduced to around $1 billion and now a few hundred million.

Surprised, do not be as this is what happened in U.S. District Court of Northern California on Thursday when Judge William Alsup warned Oracle that the “most” the plaintiff might end up with is statutory damages over the nine lines of code in the rangeCheck method.

“The fact that they have nine lines out of many millions, you have no damage study tied in,” Alsup exclaimed to Oracle. Alsup suggested they “might want to find a way to streamline for some dollar amount,” hinting they should try to negotiate a settlement in order to avoid a long third phase of the trial dedicated to determining damages.

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