Oops.. Microsoft Comes Up With First Smartphone (Almost) Way Back In 1991

Posted on Apr 14 2012 - 5:00am by Editorial Staff

A strange but true the software giant Microsoft which in today’s time trying to make its pitch in Smartphone market, had earlier pitched out some 16 years back with almost invented the smartphone back in 1991. Former Microsoft employee Nathan Myhrvold reveals that he came up with the idea for an iPhone-like device way back in 1991. The gadget would let you manage your schedule, use GPS to figure out where you were, and serve as a communication device that would give you access to email, fax, and paging services. But not to forgot here if the device gets ready at same time it will cost your pocket very high. Myhrvold believed that the device could be sold for between $400 and $1,000. “Microsoft certainly could have done more about it,” he admits. “One of the greatest things that Apple and Jobs were very good at doing was daring to do the very different thing.”

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