Only 20 years To The World Wide Web And We’re Already Complaining About It

Posted on Feb 20 2012 - 5:24am by Editorial Staff

The World Wide Web as we know and which just turned 20 last year isn’t sounds exactly new to anyone more, but on other account it is still at an early development stage – but interestingly people start complaining that “it wasn’t like this in my day” – sounds funnier right after hearing this but still this is the truth what we, the people are feeling these day.

Specifically, if we taken an account of an one Irish academician, journalist and writer John Naughton, according to whom Graphic designers are running the web – his argument is that due to designers overlooking the design of the websites, the core content is keep on sacrificing from time to time at the hands of bloated webpages – he noted that from 2003 to 2011, the size of the average web page grew from a mere 93.7kB to over 679kB highly because of design.

Giving an example in sigh to prove his point, admittedly that Norvig’s site in the example is as ugly as it is useful – but in case you didn’t click through to that link:

“I value content more highly than aesthetics. The websites and pages that I like tend to be as underdesigned as they are cognitively loaded. Take for example, the home page of Peter Norvig, who is Google’s director of research. In design terms it would make any graphic designer reach for the sickbag. And yet it’s highly functional, loads in a flash and contains tons of wonderful stuff.”

If you think what the World Wide Web seems to be 25 years ago instead of what we are seeing now – as it was fine with the pace with which we moved on, we learned that Tim Berners-Lee’s creation could be far more than just text and hyperlinks.

The “Probable” Future of Web: 

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