OnLive Desktop Enters iTunes App Store

Posted on Jan 13 2012 - 1:52pm by Editorial Staff

OnLive Desktop released its app on Apple’s iTunes App store today. The app is basically free, giving iPad users Microsoft Office limited access to Window’s premiere word processing, presentation and spreadsheet software – through it will introduce its “pro” and “enterprise” versions of the service with additional features in coming months.

OnLive Desktop is a service that provides a seamless, no-compromise, instant-response cloud-based PC desktop, wherever and whenever you want it. With the app, OnLive brings the power to your iPad for a high-performance PC experience, where interacting with fast-action media is now more possible.

OnLive earlier joined hand with Google and bring Console-class gaming for Google TV.

About OnLive:

OnLive is a cloud gaming platform: the games are synchronized, rendered, and stored on remote servers and delivered via the Internet. The service is available using the OnLive Game System, PCs running Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.5.8 or later, Android devices and iOS devices. Since the games are rendered on OnLive’s servers, a low-end computer may be used to play any kind of game as long as it is able to play video. For that reason, the service is being seen as a competitor for the console market. All games on the service are available in 720p format. OnLive recommends an Internet connection of 5 Mbit/s or faster, and a 2 Mbit/s connection meets the minimum system requirements.


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