O.A. Free – Helping Your Parents Ease Into Retirement

Posted on Feb 24 2017 - 10:10pm by Editorial Staff

There’s no other way to say this: you literally owe your life to your parents. After a lifetime of receiving their love and support, their retirement is the perfect time to pay them back. This is your time to show your continued gratitude.

As an immediate gesture, arranging a great retirement party can be a great way to celebrate their milestone. However, one great night doesn’t make a happy retirement. Retirement will bring many changes to their lives while longer life expectancies mean they’ll have more years of it too. As such, ensuring that they are able to enjoy it should be top of your agenda.

It can feel like a daunting challenge, especially as it’s one you’ve never encountered either. But follow these simple tricks, and they should be set for a far more enjoyable autumn.

Focus On Home Situation

Once retired, your parent(s) will be spending far more time at home. Consequently, the quality of their home life is imperative to setting the tone of their final years.

There are many things to consider, such as whether to buy or rent a home. Similarly, the home should accommodate their changing needs. Mobility can often be a fairly serious issue. By finding a ground floor property, or investing in a stair lift, they can still enjoy their independence and comfort.

Of course, they may still require a little additional help throughout the week. Encouraging that happiness at home will inevitably have a telling impact on the quality of their retirement.

Encourage Human Interaction

Aside from the financial changes, retirement alters the daily schedule greatly. Without seeing colleagues on a regular basis, life can feel a little lonely. Of course, this isn’t as bad for couples. But if your parents are no longer together, loneliness can be particularly damaging. Your job is to reduce the damage as best you can.

Spending regular time with your retired parent(s) will help massively. However, modern life is hectic, and distances mean this isn’t always an option. Video chats are the next best feature. Check the fiber optic broadband coverage across the US to check that your parent can get online. Assuming they can, teaching them the basics of using those communicational tools could help them stay in touch with loved ones from all over.

Digital communication is great, but there’s no substitute for human interaction. Encourage them to find events for senior citizens to further encourage those bonds. The impact this has can be huge.

Help Them Fill Time

When you’re working, you love the thought of having nothing to do. As soon as you lose that routine, though, you realise that it can become quite boring. Your parent(s) will feel this too. Finding a hobby is key.

The best hobbies also encourage a little light activity. This could be something as simple as gardening or growing fruit and veg. Not only will it keep their minds and bodies active, but it can help save money and encourage a better diet.

Retirement is also a great opportunity to rediscover lost passions in life. Whether it’s painting, music, or writing doesn’t matter. That productivity can work wonders for self-esteem. Try to find a way to make a little money from those efforts too, and those rewards will be awesome.

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