Nvidia Announces The World’s First Quad-Core A15 Chip, Tegra 4

Posted on Jan 7 2013 - 11:26am by Editorial Staff
Nvidia Tegra 4

Nvidia Tegra 4

Nvidia has announced the Tegra 4, the latest mobile processor featuring 72 GPU cores, 4 A15 CPU cores and supports 4G LTE technology, although according to company’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang called its “worst kept secret”. Huang demoed the chip’s capability while speaking on stage at CES, the Tegra 4 took total of 27 seconds total load time 25 unique web pages, took 50 seconds.

The demonstration also figured out a new architecture allowing Tegra 4’s camera opening the potential of HDR imaging with the first “always-on HDR” camera with device includes HDR preview, strobe motion shots, panoramic HDR and 3D reconstructions.

(Image Credit: The Verge)

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