North Korea Threatens To Punish CellPhone Users As ‘War Criminals’ During The Course of 100-Day Mourning Period

Posted on Jan 27 2012 - 1:05pm by Editorial Staff

The Workers’ Party in North Korea has issued the stern warning stating that any of its citizen if caught trying to defect to China or if found using mobile phones during Kim Jong-il 100-day mourning period will be declared as “war criminals” and will be punished accordingly.

Kin Jong-il died on December 17 after suffering from a heart attack and in sigh of that North Korea is having the 100 days long mourning period. The worker’s party stated if any person who is caught in an attempt to flee the poverty and political oppression in the North, as well as those detained in China will send back over to the border.

The regime has been weakened by years of economic mismanagement and stagnation and there are apparently fears in Pyongyang that the death of Kim could trigger public unrest – and now, with such a punishment threat, the stern warning – means there is one less way to get information out of the territory.

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