Nokia Is In Talks With European Carriers To Pursue Windows Phone 8 Launch In Europe

Posted on Jul 23 2012 - 7:44am by Editorial Staff

One or many, Nokia’s love with Microsoft will be showed up almost on every other stage. We just heard rumors last week that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system rumoured to launch in November but the Financial Times suggesting that Nokia all gearing up to offer its Lumia phones as operator exclusives (the love I just talked above, actually it’s a $250 million deal that is somehow speaking up to). The mobile company have said to be negotiating with France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom over Windows Phone 8 deal but although nothing being finalized yet. Nokia last week only announced its quarter 2 results with an operating loss of $1 billion but speaking while in an investor call last week, company’s CEO Stephen Elop those Lumia activations to be up following Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 announcement.

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