Nielsen: 69% Of Moviegoers Own A Smartphone, 29% Own A Tablet, 23% Own Both Devices In US In 2012

Posted on Feb 13 2013 - 11:59am by Editorial Staff

This would definitely be an interesting fact for all those in United States who owes smartphones and tablets (in short almost everyone having the devices). According to Nielsen (via The Next Web), in the year 2012, about 9% of US smartphone owners and 20% US tablet owners attended more movies. Surprised to hear the word movies – but yes its true, the data Nielsen collected via online, over the phone and in-person surveys during August and September 2012.


This is nothing new if we say or see in any part of the world with today’s technology, the mobile-connected moviegoers are more than the average US as the data itself revealed that 69 percent of moviegoers own a smartphone, 29 percent own a tablet and 23 percent own both devices while the tablet owner spent 35 percent more per month on entertainment than the US average.

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