Net Applications: Windows 8 Market Share Increases To 7.41%

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 10:45am by Editorial Staff

According to the latest operating system market share numbers from Net Applications, Windows 8 has reached to 7.41 percent market share as Windows XP falls below 35 percent mark. Windows 8 saw an increase from 5.40 percent to 7.41 percent, total of 2.01 percentage points while Windows 7 saw an increase from 44.49 percent to 45.63 percent.


While Windows Vista saw a decline of 0.13 percentage points; from 4.24 percent to 4.11 percent whereas the operating system Windows XP saw a major downfall from 37.19 percent to 33.66 percent; fall of 3.53 percentage points. Overall for the period, Windows lost 0.37 percentage points while OS X’s up 0.09 percentage points and Linux’s up 0.27 percentage points.

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