Net Applications: Windows 8 Accounts For 4.27% Market Share

Posted on Jun 1 2013 - 2:13pm by Editorial Staff

According to the latest numbers from Net Applications, Windows 8 showed up further increase in its market share and now account for 4.27% in total, an up from 3.84% (gained 0.43 percentage points), while Windows 7 account for 44.85% (grabbed 0.13 percentage points). Windows older version – Windows Vista now make a count to 4.51% market share from previous 4.75% market share while Windows XP lost the most and count for 37.74% market share. Windows in total lost 0.11 percentage points between April and May.


The numbers shared by Net Applications was captured from 160 million unique visitors every month while the service monitors a total of 40,000 web sites for its clients. Also, interesting to note is that the numbers come just a day after when Microsoft unveiled Windows 8.1, believe and hope that this updated version of Windows 8 may bring more positive light for the software giant.

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