Net Applications: IE10 Steal The Show, Grabs Market Share From IE8, IE9

Posted on Apr 1 2013 - 3:52pm by Editorial Staff

According to the latest market share numbers from Net Applications, Internet Explorer 10 steals the show by grabbing market share from both IE9 and IE8 after landing on Windows 7, Firefox and Chrome make minor gains (as its being doing from quite some time). Starting with, Internet Explorer gained a mere 0.01 percentage points, from 55.82 percent to 55.83 percent; Firefox gains up 0.09 percentage points, from 20.12 percent to 20.21 percent; and Chrome make a gain of 0.18 percentage points, from 16.27 percent to 16.45 percent.


No doubt, with 55.83 Internet Explorer still ruling the market, although interesting is that IE10 grabs the market share from both IE8 and IE9. Thanks to Windows 7, the browser gained a huge 1.35 percentage points last month while IE9 has lost 1.05 percentage points, falling to 20.62 percent and IE8 lost 0.15 percentage points. The IE’s earlier versions, IE7 and IE6 still making a huge drop with IE7 was down 0.08 percentage points to 1.93 percent, and IE6 fell 0.12 percentage points to 6.21 percent.


Firefox 19 hits 13.35 percent while all another Firefox version saw a down in their market shares, with Firefox 18 fell 10.21 percentage points, Firefox 17 lost 0.13 percentage points, Firefox 16 was down 0.07 percentage points, and Firefox 15 dipped 0.03 percentage points. Moving to Chrome, the Chrome 26 grabbed 0.66 percentage points, while Chrome 25 hit 13.42 percent, Chrome 24 was down 10.42 percentage points, Chrome 23 lost 0.16 percentage points, and Chrome 22 fell 0.01 percentage points.


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