Must-have Technologies For Running An Efficient Meeting Venue

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Having access to quality business meeting venues, whether in a hotel or a conference centre is essential for fast paced companies of any size. Places where businesses can not only hold a clear and uninterrupted conversation, but also a place where they can share documents and watch presentations using the latest technology.

A meeting tool is also great for having an online conference but for face to face discussions, a meeting room is essential and selecting often comes down to the state of the facilities and the ease of scheduling and paying.

Here are the must-have technologies for running an efficient meeting venue.

High-Speed Internet Connection

It goes without saying, but a high-speed internet service is a must to avoid frustration from your customers. Wi-Fi should also be fast as many executives will be connecting using tabs and other mobile devices.

Room Booking Software Online

The speed at which a business can book meetings is key. The ability to see what rooms are available, when and at what cost are critical. Room booking systems such as offer complete control to your venue and provide a web front end for users to easily make a booking. This type of technology allows agility for both sides of the transaction and increases the possibility of rebooking.


Hardware such as webcams, projectors, headphones etc. are expected plus LCD display projectors and appropriate video connectors to accommodate both Windows as well as Mac systems. There’s also nothing worse than not having the correct wiring as executives expect to be able to plug and play so be prepared.

Software for Meetings

When it comes to software, there are a number of these tools that can help executives run a meeting effectively. These include certain VOIP tools, as well as basic things like an Excel spreadsheet, calendar etc. Here are a few that you absolutely need to offer.


Google Hangouts and Skype allows people to hold a conference online easily, provided everyone in the meeting has a decent internet connection and a good set of webcams and headphones. Google Hangouts allows you to talk to 10 people at a given time, whilst also letting you share files, Skype allows up to 25 participants in such conversations. However, the quality of the call really comes down to your own internet connection and speed.

Online Meetings

So for those who are looking for something more reliable and professional, there are paid apps that work great. Applications like GoToMeeting, which is a great tool if you want to chat, video conference, exchange documents, share screenshot and presentations, along with supporting phone as well as VoIP conferencing and is supported by both Mac as well as Windows. Another great tool is WebEx by Cisco, which is often the preferred choice of larger business organisations. Like GoToMeeting, WebEx provides you with a platform where you can hold conferences; give presentations along with white boarding and a free app that allows people to access the meeting via a mobile or smartphone.

In summary keeping up to date with hardware and software is vital to keep your venue competitive. Meetings venues are expected to offer a friction-free service from booking online through to holding the meeting or event.

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