Mozilla Is Working On navigator.mozPay(), A New JavaScript API To Accept Transactions, Debut On Firefox OS

Posted on Apr 8 2013 - 7:22am by Editorial Staff

Mozilla Firefox OS

In order to make it easier for people to pay for digital goods and services on the web, Mozilla is working on a new JavaScript API: navigator.mozPay() which would be seen first in the Firefox OS. Firefox OS engineer Kumar McMillan via a blog post stated that the function navigator.mozPay() would be based on Google Wallet’s API, but in order to make a grasp for multiple payment providers and carrier billing, it’s being modified. The process goes like this, when a web app invokes the API, a “secure window with a concise UI” will abuzz on your phone, and as soon as you authenticate with the password you set, your payments gets processed.

Mozilla along with this said that Mozilla is also working on an enabled, which would turn out to be paid and ad-free web content. He pointed out by saying that enabling fast but secure processing for small payments would make it easier for people to chip in. “The web should support businesses of all kinds and payments should be a first class feature of the web,” McMillan pointed out. He concluded that as of now Mozilla’s new API is in experimental mode and could “change drastically” without notice, but also promises that it will come along with the first Firefox OS devices.

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