Mozilla Developers Says ‘Large Number Of Releases Killing Firefox’s Reputation’

Posted on Jul 10 2012 - 5:45am by Editorial Staff

“Working hard on things in life will turn your time into success,” we often heard this, but what if we are pushing double the extra miles even without wondering that whether it would be required or not. Well, this is the case of Mozilla Firefox these days, the organization pushing extra hard without concerning and wondering in how and what manner it will affect Firefox. Bringing unlimited revisions (this is what we usually get from Firefox), developer Jono DiCarlo explains (via The Verge) that such revisions will only results in harming Firefox reputation as it will tend to one or other complaints one after another from users, with sometimes some even pointing towards broken add-ons and intrusive dialogue boxes. The major problem he pointed out that it is the Mozilla’s execution and the “rapid releases in poorly manner.” He says that organization is in full swing to compete with its rival such as on the likes of Google’s Chrome but he fears that “People who got fed up and ditched Firefox are going to be hard to win back.”


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