Mozilla Bringing A Major Design Change For Its Newly Soon-To-Announce Firefox 25

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 12:08pm by Editorial Staff

A major breakthrough is in full swing for Mozilla’s Firefox new version, according to Mozilla Wiki page – via The Next Web. The company is planning a major design refinement of its browser with the release of its new Firefox version – the version 25 – which is due for October. Following its tradition which has been since from past three browsers, the Firefox 25 will get up a special Nightly UX channel.

Counting on major change, it would be its new look for tabs while other changes include an in-content user interface styles update, refining “all aspects” of the existing user interface and consistent border-radii unified interface along with dimensions, spacing, margins, icons, and color palette. Here are the major changes coming with the release:

  • Curved tabs.
  • Remove tab affordance from background tabs.
  • Separate Bookmark Star from locationBar and merge with Bookmarks Menu item.
  • Updated Panel Based Application Menu and Customization Mode.
  • Windows (All): Draw entire window frame including Caption Buttons.
  • Windows XP: Custom window frame style for all default themes.
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