Mozilla Announces Firefox Health Report, Help Company To Build A More Improved Browser

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 4:39am by Editorial Staff

Mozilla has announced the Firefox Health Report (FHR), a whole new feature that helps the company in order to build a more improved browser. Mozilla in addition to improvement also says that FHR will “help us improve performance, fix problems and let users see how their browsing experience compares against other instances of Firefox.” The company currently collects very limited basic information and in order to make things better i.e. their browser better, the company wants more data and FHR is the solution for that.

FHR will collect data on the following aspects of the browser instance:

  • Configuration data – for example, device hardware, operating system, Firefox version
  • Customizations data – for example, add-ons, count and type
  • Performance data – for example, timing of browser events, rendering, session restores
  • Wear and Tear data – for example, length of session, how old a profile is, count of crashes

The company also highlighted the benefits with the FHR, they are:

  • User insights exhibited on-board the browser instance through visualizations and comparative graphics.
  • Product insights conveyed to Mozilla – the manufacturer or designer of the car– to help in improving existing browser instances and especially to more fully inform future design and development of Firefox.
  • Provide Mozilla with the ability to streamline and reduce duplicate information it collects across other products such as Telemetry.
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