Motorola Mobility Files New Lawsuit Against iPhone Maker, Apple Over Technology Patents Copyright Infringement

Posted on Jan 26 2012 - 7:17am by Editorial Staff

In a new tug of war between Motorola Mobility and Apple, Motorola Mobility has filed a new lawsuit against Apple Inc accusing the company for infringing its technology patents in a Florida federal court on Wednesday. Motorola Mobility, which runs its phones on Google android software, is seeking regulatory approval to be bought by Google Inc.

Motorola said, “It was suing the iPhone maker for infringing six of its patents involving technologies related to wireless antennae, software, messaging and data filtering.” The company also added that the lawsuit is against two of Apple’s latest products, the iPhone 4S and Apple’s iCloud remote storage service for music and other media.

Both the companies – Motorola and Apple have suing and counter-suing each other for as of more than 40 U.S. patents so far since late 2010.

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