Could A Motability Car Be Saving You Some Money?

Posted on Dec 30 2016 - 9:18am by Editorial Staff

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Being disabled or permanently ill can leave life very challenging. Being unable to work means that you’ll always struggle when it comes to money. So, buying a new car can be a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, a scheme called Motability exists. It allows you to get a car that’s designed to be used by someone with a disability, at a fraction of the cost it would usually have.

This is possible thanks to government schemes that provide subsidies to people who need them so that they can afford a car. Best of all, these cars are just normal cars. They don’t look different on the outside. So, they blend right in. Nobody will know that you’re driving a motability car unless they look inside.

First, you have to find out if your eligible. The best way to do this is by contacting a local garage that deals with motability. Motability with Spire Automotive or Rowcliffes can be good options, depending on the car that you want. Go to a specialist who sells the type of car that you want, and see if they can help you. You can also look online to find out whether or not you’re eligible.

Now, you can start looking at cars. Obviously, your disability may limit you a little. Sometimes, you won’t be able to drive a car because they don’t have the option you need. So, it’s best to start by looking at what you need the car to do. If you can’t use your legs, for example, you will want a car with all hand-based controls. Or, if you lack the use of an arm, you may need an automatic with controls on one side.

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You should also look at cars that suit your way of life. If you only make short journeys, and never need to carry much, a small car will probably be best. But, if you need to move the whole family, you may need something a little bigger. There are many aspects of life that you need to consider. But, it’s easy to get advice. Most salesmen will be happy to help you find the car that suits you needs the best. And, they aren’t likely to be forceful with motability sales.

Now, you’re ready to go and get the car! Go to a garage that works with motability. This will take a lot of the work out of your hands, as they’ll do it for you. Make sure that all of the options that you need are covered, and that you can cover the costs. They’ll give you some payment options, at this point. Usually, you can have it taken out of any benefits you already receive. But, you may have to make monthly payment out of your bank account. You also have to pay for insurance and tax, in some motability cars. So, it’s important to make sure that you’re covered.

Hopefully, this will help you save some money if you’re eligible. You can also talk to your doctor about motability. They can help you with options inside the car and will give you an honest opinion about your ability to drive.

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