Most Anticipated Games To Be Released This 2014

Posted on Jan 27 2014 - 1:41pm by Jimmy Richards

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has become an addiction without a cure. This addiction has already penetrated people from different ages and different races across the globe. Because of its success, the demand for gaming apps, in iOS and Android platforms, increases every single day.

The growing number of high-end smartphone users today makes game app a bit of a necessity. Most of these games are free to download in iOS and Android powered mobile phones.  The reason it so popular is simply because it’s easy to play, entertaining and very handy.

If you are mobile gaming addict, here are five of the most anticipated games to be released this 2014.

The Collectibles

The Collectibles, developed by the award-winning Crytek, is an upcoming tactical action game that will soon be released by Mobage. Actually, this is the first free-to-play mobile game app Crytek has ever released.

This game features a squad of elite soldiers that you can lead and command into explosive combats with different strategic options. The Collectibles is a highly-technical and mobile app suits players who likes to get and rough and tough. Players must master the unique military skills as they storm into war in a very outstanding 3D environment that can certainly blow competitors out of the league.

  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Developing a mobile app version for Heroes of Warcraft has only been a rumor before. Now this is the answer for all the people who have fervently hoped for this to come as Blizzard have officially announced of its development in 2013. Although the catch is it is only closed beta card collecting game.

It was announced that this will come into iPad platform only, but Blizzard also trying to get the best of both worlds by developing one for iPhones this coming mid 2014. Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait to bring their favorite heroes to their mobile deck.

  • Fates Forever

Mobile online battle arena game apps have been very successful kind of mobile games. Fates Forever, a type of MOBA, is yet to be released this year. The game allows you to enter one of the two teams to wreak havoc into the enemy’s sort of sentinels in a 3VS battle.

Like League of Legends, Fates Forever features many hosts of heroes to choose from and needs an in-depth kind of strategy to win. Norwegians may have tasted this app first before this is going to be released in the United States and to the rest of the world. Don’t worry its developer, Hammer and Chisel Inc., will not let you down as this game is definitely worth the wait.

LEGO Minifigures Online

To all LEGO fans out there, let us all be merry for a new mobile game app is about to be released by Funcom in both iOS and Android this 2014. This epic cross-platform adventure app allows you to build, collect, and smash bricks in different kinds of world.

Collect as many LEGO minifigures as you can and play together with millions of people across the globe and battle your way through the rough adventures. These minifigures have unique and powerful abilities that can be developed to a more powerful one. So get ready to collect them all!

The World of Cheese

If you’re into puzzle games, then this game is definitely a must have for you!

This game has 35 different levels for you to play from. You’ll also find that the game has 5 bonus levels that you can unlock in the game.

The main gist of the game is that you have to solve the puzzle first so you can help Mr. Mousy find the cheese. The puzzles are both exciting, intense yet very fun to play. You’ll find yourself having those “AHA!” moments while playing.

You can download the World of Cheese on App Store and if you’re using Android, you can download the World of Cheese on Google Play.

  • Jet Car Stunts 2

True Axis developers wanted to get big this year as they have released a sequel of Apple’s best iOS game in 2009. Recently released this month, Jet Car Stunts 2 will have its awesome gameplay with the original, but the stunning 3D graphics for sudden motions such as mid-air hoops, sudden jumps and maneuvers are all well-perfected.

If you think that 2013 had already offered you the best choices of mobile app then think twice because 2014 will surpass last year’s best and will offer you a new and fresh selection of apps that will stun your eyes. Your mobile gaming experience this 2014 will definitely be a blast. That I can guarantee.

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