Most Amazing Fall Wedding Trends As Seen On Pinterest

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 1:16pm by Nichole Fabbro

Wedding Cake

Move over Kate Middleton, the new hot wedding trends for this fall are going to put some serious glitz in your wedding plans. According to Alyssa Brown who works for Alison Events of San Francisco there is a “move towards sophistication. … We’re planning an outdoor event right now, but there’s crystal on the table, and gold silverware and chargers … And black tie is playing a huge role right now. It’s full-length gowns for everybody!”

Hair Trends

Hair is always huge. This year the trend is marvelous braids in a myriad of styles, some with intricate flowers or ribbon woven in. Braids speak to an older world and romantic ages where grace came naturally to women. Not sure it would have quite the same effect for men, but long hair used to be in, too.

Nicely done, braids are amazingly, dramatic, and destined to be the hottest thing for this fall.  Now would be an outstanding time to start growing those locks out, and find a stylist who can braid.

New Pink Gold RIngs

The absolute hottest trend is going to be the jewelry though; the bridal sets are fabulous and going to be done in pink gold.  Yep, you heard it right pink gold.

If you haven’t seen pink gold it is exceptional and extraordinary. The best place for some examples can be found at Kirk Kara and Frank Reubel.  If pink isn’t your color, don’t worry black is in too!  Popular also are the metals that are mixed or can be mixed with others, such as tungsten, silver or platinum. Don’t try too many metal alloys just yet. They are new and trendy, but we have yet to see how they stand the test of time, and nothing is more important when it comes to your wedding set.

There is nothing better to go with your beautiful pink or black gold wedding band than a beautiful center stone or uniquely colored diamond. Trending are colored diamonds, colored tourmaline, and colored sapphires.  It is trendy to have something that doesn’t look like the neighbors wedding set!

It has commonly been the trend to wear white gold or platinum so that the diamonds didn’t have a golden hue, and then jewelers started to use white gold prongs, but now an interesting and fascinating trend gaining popularity and expected to skyrocket in demand are oxidized metals and black rhodium or tungsten offset with black metals or stone. This is because of the way black makes a diamond stand out.  They are daring but in demand.

Black is the new gold

The biggest trending topic is the diversity of men’s rings that are now available, as if you needed another decision. Men’s rings have come a long way from the bland gold bands and are emerging into new territories. Black is the new gold for men as rings which are made heavy metals such as the Tungsten carbide rings come in heavy metals and include a lot of black designs. These aren’t the only heavy metals taking over the hands of men everywhere, cobalt and titanium are also options, talk about keeping it masculine. For more information on these different metals so you are picking the absolute best to fit your guys rugged lifestyle there are many resources online which can help you differentiate these different metals.

Pinterest is the new Secret Weapon

A one stop spot for so many of these trends are Pinterest galleries. Find “pinners” who focus on weddings and have a field day for your great day. This is especially useful for DIY brides who are looking for crafty ideas that your bank account will like. Many ideas and templates can be found online a free of cost for you to customize.

Interestingly enough is the trend to pitch sleepover tents and have the wedding guest’s just party the whole night through.

These are high end tents too; they are set up with electricity, heat, and the most fashionable linens.  It is like a deluxe suite, without the deluxe price. They are easy to put up, they can accommodate a horde of children, and make it very easy for an entire family to remain together for longer than the typical two to four hour wedding. If that doesn’t sound quite like your cup of tea, tents make outstanding outdoor bars, and food or snack stands for your guests.

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