Morocco’s Major Telecom Provider Blocks Access To Skype And Other VOIP Service Provider In The Country

Posted on Feb 20 2012 - 5:41am by Editorial Staff

According to Moroccan Geeks, a Moroccan blog, Skype and all other VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services have been blocked in the country, pointing to an article recently published on the official site of the Arabic newspaper Assabahia – while majority of the services are not blocked but as a result Skype usually finds itself targeted by both telecom providers and mobile operators – reportedly that the move has been taken in order to create a monopoly on “calling options” available in the country.

Skype is a popular mode of communication in the country, says Moroccan Geeks, along with the other VOIP services in the country that have also been affected by the block – adding to this blog also states, the telecom provider is “protecting itself against competition, pushing customers to use its own services instead of free services like Skype, TeamSpeak or Viber.” Over the past couple of months, Skype accessibility in Morocco has proved difficult, with complaints of both call quality and dropped calls and result of which users speculated that whether it was an “intentional” move on the basis of Maroc Telecom.

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