Monmouthpedia: World’s First Wikipedia Project Covered In QR Codes

Posted on May 22 2012 - 6:45am by Editorial Staff

We heard a lot of time that people inspire from different things that are present on web, but this one crosses the entire limit: Monmouthpedia is the first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town—specifically, the Welsh town of Monmouth.

The project aims to cover every single notable place, person, artefact, plant, animal and other things in Monmouth in as many languages as possible, but with a special focus on Welsh. The project is jointly funded by Monmouthshire County Council and Wikimedia UK, Monmouthshire County Council intend to install free town wide Wi-Fi for the project.

So far, the joint effort includes 712 articles in 25 different languages with more than a thousand new photos. There are even 53 new articles in Esperanto. Monmouthpedia uses QRpedia codes, a type of bar code a smartphone can read through its camera (using one of the many free QR readers available) that takes you to a Wikipedia article in your language.

Isn’t it is interested?

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