Mobile World Congress 2012: The I2Mag Preview

Posted on Feb 25 2012 - 3:12pm by Editorial Staff

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Microsoft Windows Operating System Version 8 or in short Windows 8 – the next big in the line-up for the software giant and for all those too who are having any interest in technology have now seen or may be even had hands-on experience with Microsoft’s next big thing – Windows 8. It is strongly indicated that Windows 8 will be coming up during this October.

The company is holding up an event at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona to launch the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on February 29th reportedly between 3PM to 5PM (CET). The venue is a cellphone conference which could also hint up at the company’s plans for both Windows 8 as well as Windows Phone. The company is also working towards giving its Windows Store a public review look and the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 which will provide access to a number of launch games for the company’s Windows 8.

The new windows also show off the transparent Charms bar that offers different functionality and access to share, search, start screen, devices and settings. Windows 8 also not including the traditional Start button. The Start button was first introduced in Windows 95 and has been present in every version of Windows since – replacing with a “hotspot” in the corner that will duplicate the functionality offered by the Old button.

The Windows 8 is coming in a ‘Metro’ design look but what if even the browsers that we commonly used too comes in the same avatar – the company is preparing to change the style of its famous “Windows flag” for the next of its version of its popular operating system. The software giant in its greatest urge “naming” the brands – Zune and Windows Live – under into one umbrella, allowing newer products into receiving simpler names for Windows 8.

Microsoft with Windows 8 will be scaling things back, mention of a few Windows 8 SKUs – something for which the software giant yet to give any prior and proper specification or information – both documents (one and two) for the Alcor Micro Smart Card Reader Driver, which, next to a section titled “operating system(s),” lists the following: Microsoft Windows 8 32 Edition, Microsoft Windows 8 64 Edition, Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 32 Edition, Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise 64 Edition, Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 32 Edition and Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64 Edition.


Mozilla has partnered with LG and will likely announce the device that could go on sale by next week, allowing the developers to develop apps for B2G, but on the other urge considering the current situation there is no sign of B2G code, so it is possible that any such device which sold at the moment will have to wait for quite some time until code rolled out. Mozilla which is on creating and putting the power of the web in people’s hand, going to announce the Mozilla Marketplace will open for developers to submit Web apps at Mobile World Congress – adding to this more said to “interesting” news rounding up in webosphere is that Mozilla has teamed up with LG to bring developer-oriented mobile device to market – isn’t it is really interesting – we know Mozilla as an organization for the web browser and now with this it seems to be planning to give a strong competition to the likes of Android, Chrome, Windows Phone and iOS.


Asus in its preparation for the flagship event posted a video name “twice the detail, twice the fun” to reinforce that sentiment over on its YouTube channel. The video features a wooden box containing a number of colored balls that quickly result in multiplying into a much denser group – pointing towards appearing to be an Android tablet homescreen of some kind –the company has tablets ranging from every size, so at the moment we can’t predict at which one it is pointing to – but we are certainly sure that it will garner some fabulous detail over the event. The company has released another teaser that hints towards ASUS range of colourful and playful devices which we’ll see from the company in Barcelona.

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