Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 11:13am by George Gallagher


Did you know that saving money is as easy as installing applications on your phone? New apps help you save money on the go and stay more conscious of your spending and saving activity. Take a look at some of the most popular mobile apps for cost-cutting that will help you stay on budget!


Shopkick gives you rewards points for buying particular items or simply for walking into stores like American Eagle and Macy’s. Cash those rewards points in for gift cards you can use towards purchases. This application is as simple as turning on your GPS to enter the store, checking in, and leaving. If you’re out and about at the mall, earn points simply for checking out the store- no purchase required! Earn additional points for using your phone as a scanner for popular products, adding fun to your grocery shopping, too!


SnipSnap has helped people across the country save millions of dollars by providing mobile versions of the coupons that are available at numerous retailers. Whether you’re out shopping for products or hitting up a restaurant, provide the promo code or barcode to the employee and knock dollars off your total purchase price. SnipSnap is great for when you forget coupons and an easy way to allow you to eat out at a reduced price, all simply for using the app on your phone. Users on SnipSnap will also post if the coupon was used successfully or not, so you can pick and choose the most efficient and effective ways to stay in budget.

Mobile Banking Alerts

If you have the chance to sign up for a mobile banking application, take advantage of it. You can get push notifications sent to you if you’re nearing your balance limit (helping you avoid overdraft fees and keep track of your spending) and get instant data. If you’re on the go and get flagged for identity theft, you can check your bank account balance instantly and report the fraudulent activity before the thieves empty your account.


Ibotta gives you cash simply for taking surveys, posting information to Facebook or Twitter, and then purchasing the items listed in their virtual store. The application is very user friendly, often rewarding you for purchasing items that were on your list anyways. Combined with in-store coupons, Ibotta can help cut down your grocery bill tremendously and add an element of fun. Bonus points if you can keep your kids occupied in the store by looking for the items and make the process into a game.

Store Apps

If you frequently shop at the same big box or grocery stores, their mobile applications can allow you to add coupons while you’re in the checkout line. This way, you never have to fear that you left the coupons at home or lost them entirely. Push notifications through these mobile applications can also give you special deals and alert you the sales before the masses empty the shelves. Stores like Safeway will also send you personalized deals based on your past purchase history, helping you to save money on the items you need the most.

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