MIT Media Lab Team Developed Laser Camera That Can Take Pictures Around Corners

Posted on Mar 21 2012 - 6:21am by Editorial Staff

MIT Media Lab team led by Ramesh Raskar developed a laser camera that can take pictures around corners. The team has developed a camera that uses lasers to gather images of objects hidden behind walls, which it can then use to construct a 3D model. People buried after an earthquake – or lurking behind a wall – can clearly be seen in 3D using the camera, which fires ultrafast laser pulses at walls ‘behind’ the area that can’t be seen.

The camera could be used for car navigation systems that ‘see’ round blind corners. Ultrafast laser pulses used to build 3D image of hidden areas. The system performs the procedure several times, bouncing light off several different spots on the wall, so that it enters the room at several different angles. MIT team hopes system will be used by police and firefighters.

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