Mini-Marketing Campaign – Definition, Benefits, How-to And Lots More

Posted on Jun 18 2012 - 10:20am by Editorial Staff

Running a business these days not require only the old-day high things to make it a successful like offering the product to client at lesser price – these strategies work even these days too but a lot more is needed to make your business a success – a real success actually. You have been using the marketing tactics to bring it in front of end users or consumers but are they enough to make it big for you.

You might be even running and spending 1000s on large marketing campaign – but are they enough – well, what you are probably missing is to run mini-marketing campaign – not “much” mini but yes somehow mini in nature. These mini-marketing campaigns will fill the time gap between your bigger advertising/marketing strategies – they often cost you little amount and sometime they even comes at zero cost. These campaigns might even change the way you reach your customers and even open more boundaries for you that you even hadn’t imagine.

There is another factor also that you too have gone through on time, you are running a new company, and you often found yourself running short on your budget. At that time it is good to consider this mini-marketing campaign option as it will initiate in-style for you and your company to attract more customers and even quite possible to attain high-scale customers either.


Big companies often find them only interested in getting the bigger client, means there would be a much bigger pool of small fish available only for you. This smaller fish is actually the secondary audience which was previously untouched by bigger brands. Now, what is require from your side to get that secondary audience, well you need to turn yourself social. If you do not like, then you have to start liking it, actually loving it, as only then you will be able to grab it. You need to keep a note on social engagement by regularly monitoring social campaigns year round and identify what are the key questions and conversations that you better want to explore further in detail. Once you are done with this, survey the audiences, conduct small, targeted promotions, or post engaging messages and see what they have to say.


People these days love to talk, talk and more talk i.e. they want to discuss everything in detail – now here is your second chance to grab audience for your product. There are 100s of blogs, chat rooms as well as comment sections which can be explore where each second 100s of people found themselves expressing their views. This is one best place, where you can grab the targeted person directly all what you have to do is you need to have a good understanding of the topic and things and points to discuss.

Another opportunity you can grab these days is through social networking medium, there are again 100s of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and lot more. All what you have to do again here is find a good place for yourself from where you can start a conversation so that your brand can become a part of it. Remember do not go offsite here, as choosing the right place to start conversation will effectively hamper both you and your brand, so indulge with the right group and right group of people.


This one is nothing new, but giving a try again would be beneficial in long run. Talk with the people with whom you were connected earlier. If the person earlier had only inquire with you but had not bought anything from you, then it would be a great idea and see and try to re-pitch them, who knows you will find gold in your old contacts i.e. a new lead; a new customer and that too comes at zero cost, except the couple of minutes you spend while talking on phone or through VoIP (medium depends totally on you, which one to choose). The best part in this you do already have a list with you and you just need to follow them up.


Social or mobile applications are the part of life these days. People spend hours on their mobile and tablet devices and all what for to re-check the same thing that they checked just a minute ago. This is something called as addictiveness. The reason why this is required because say you have a beautiful website that expresses your business in great way, but it will at the end reach only to those people who are running it on PCs and laptops properly. But, for mobile and tablets, it will reach too either, but the results are not that much efficient. These days’ people spend primarily more time online web through mobile rather than on PCs or laptops. The very same people even eager to spend their money for a short burst of time either. The idea of moving your business an application way must be good, but on the top it will cost your pocket a bit more, but still it let you expand your brand a big way.


Media always plays an important role then whether it would be an older time like a century ago or the current time where we are living in the time of life where our day starts and ends with media i.e. starting the day from reading the newspaper till ending the day reading on mobile web or on PCs or on laptops, in short media becomes the life for many. These traditional public relations efforts and continuous social media engagement can be cost-effective for you as it will not take extra from your pocket. Press releases websites, blogs, start-up magazines, syndication option, affiliate marketing, brand building and a lot more options available these days and give you an ample choices to you to select.

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