Microsoft’s Windows 8 Crosses 100 Million Sales Mark, Number Shared By Reller During The Conversation (Are These Official Numbers?)

Posted on May 7 2013 - 10:50am by Ric Savage

Microsoft Windows 8

Hurrey! We have our first Windows 8 numbers with us but yes again we can’t say it as complete official as this being known while during the conversation. Well, The Next Web had talked with Microsoft’s CMO and CFO of Windows, Tami Reller to discuss what actually the Windows 8 progressing with and Reller says that the operating system already crossed the 100 million sales mark along with shares that Windows Blue soon to be out as expected by all.

Now, before figuring out anything, if really the 100 million sales mark is correct, then why Microsoft not shared the numbers officially although it keen on sharing numbers of its other services from time to time. Does it not being sure about the numbers or still the count of these “100 million” still in rough? Questions are there unless it comes forward completely and says yes that’s our numbers.

Well, back to story, Reller added further that about new 40 million copies that the company sold shipped on new PCs. If you still not able to digest the number, then try to do it as the numbers being shared by Microsoft’s Windows 8 own CMO and CFO. We detailed out things further as soon as more things come into picture from the company.

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