Microsoft’s Azure Surpasses $1 Billion Annual Revenue Milestone

Posted on Apr 30 2013 - 6:05am by Editorial Staff

Windows Azure

Microsoft in an interview today to Bloomberg’s Dina Bass has revealed number of key figures of its Azure Cloud Iaas and Paas service. The business, which competes with similar offerings in the market, now totalled $1 billion in yearly revenue with “subscriptions” being summoned up 48% in the past half-year.

The sales number now brings Azure in a billion dollar club which the company reached out in the past 12 months, said Curt Anderson, finance chief for Microsoft’s server and tools unit.  Azure’s $1 billion sales figures, the service which allows users to stores business information and programs on remote servers, letting customers access them over the business, includes software provided to partners to create related Windows cloud services.

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