Microsoft With Its Windows 8 Seems Killing Zune And Windows Live Brand

Posted on Feb 25 2012 - 4:13am by Editorial Staff

Sounds irrelevant at first this is what Microsoft is doing with the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8, which is coming during this Mobile World Congress due on February 29th – the software giant in its greatest urge “naming” the brands – Zune and Windows Live – under into one umbrella, allowing newer products into receiving simpler names for Windows 8. The branding, according to The Verge will look like the following in Windows 8:

  • Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID)
  • Mail (Windows Live Mail)
  • Calendar (Windows Live Calendar)
  • People (Windows Live Contacts)
  • Photos (Windows Live Photo Gallery)
  • Music (Zune Music Player)
  • Video (Zune Video Player)

Well, the shorter names truly liked by many as they are easy to speak, but on a whole, doing something like this result utterly into ending up of the Zune brand. We guess the more likely to come, next Wednesday as the bigger day is coming for the Microsoft to roll out its Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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