Microsoft: We Have Freed At Least 2 Million PCs From Citadel Botnets

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 11:37am by Editorial Staff


Earlier this month, we had reported that Microsoft, FBI along with Financial Services leader and others begin a war against Citadel botnet, a global cybercrime operation which have been responsible for over half a billion dollars in financial fraud.

Now, Microsoft told Reuters that it has freed at least 2 million PCs infected with a virus believed to have been used to steal over $500 million from bank accounts worldwide. The company says that the maximum number of infected machines were in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong.

“We definitely have liberated at least 2 million PCs globally. That is a conservative estimate,” Richard Domingues Boscovich, assistant general counsel with Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit said. “We feel confident that we really got most of the ones that we were after,” he said. “It was a very, very successful disruptive action.”

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