Microsoft Unveils ‘Patent Tracker’ To Increase Transparency, Offering Users A Library To Search Patents

Posted on Mar 29 2013 - 2:13am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft today unveiled the “Patent Tracker” in order to help the users, businesses and their rivals to search for intellectual property through the library of patents. In the world we are living, Intellectual Property (IP) is a main ingredient of the technology business and in order to make it a savior such tool is highly required.

The tool will provides a list of all the patents Microsoft owns and the time when user search to obtain the list, it will received it in two formats, an online list which can be searchable by patent number, patent title, country and also even whether the patent is held by Microsoft or a subsidiary. The second option it gives a CSV file which will contain the entire list that is downloadable and searchable in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft even urged other companies too to join the system in making available information about which patents they so. Doing so will result in helping increasing the transparency; facilitate licensing and even helping ensure that the patent system continues which will fulfil its role in promoting and encouraging innovation.

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