Microsoft Unveils Bing Boards, A Visual Collection Of Images, Videos, Links To Tell A Story From Unique Point Of View

Posted on Jun 20 2013 - 10:19pm by Editorial Staff

Microsoft today unveiled Bing Boards – user-created collections of images, videos and links to complement its algorithm. The company describes Bing Boards as a “new way for passionate people to create highly specialized content for search.” The move is of bringing a whole new better way of social search although currently the company has limited for few people.

Here is how Microsoft describes Bing Boards:

What is a Bing Board? Bing Boards are visual collections of images, videos and links that tell a story from a unique point of view. They are created by people who are passionate about the topics they blog, write or talk about – not companies or algorithms. Bing Boards are designed to be complementary to web search results, appearing in the middle column of Bing, and are aimed to help people to discover new, visually rich content.


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