Microsoft Tried To Buy Zynga Three Years Ago

Posted on Jul 8 2013 - 3:18pm by Editorial Staff


Bloomberg is reporting that Don Mattrick, the former Microsoft’s entertainment division head who recently hired by Zynga as its CEO has been in the position to run the whole of the social gaming company. Back in 2010, Microsoft’s Mattrick allegedly tried to acquire Zynga, reports publication citing people with knowledge of the matter. The same source said that the discussions were fall apart at the end.

Mattrick’s exit comes just four months after the company debut its Xbox One release while it probably is a part of Microsoft’s expected restructuring which about to take place in the coming weeks. Other thing to take a notice of, if an acquisition three years ago will really comes into place then without a second thought Microsoft will integrate Zynga’s social games into its Xbox Live platform.

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