Microsoft Partners With GlacierWorks, Scales Mount Everest

Posted on May 29 2013 - 2:37pm by Editorial Staff


Microsoft to mark the 60th anniversary of the successful ascent of Sir Edmund Hillary, the company has teamed up with GlacierWorks for scaling the journey up to the summit in an interactive website. Microsoft Research, and developers at Pixel Lab, the two groups launched Everest: Rivers of Ice. The company has used the IE10 technology with the multi-touch experience which comes through Windows 8.

The project will allow site visitors to navigate their way from the bottom of the mountain to the all way top although interestingly instead of dealing with reality, visitors have to navigate via utilized HTML5 panoramas and rich interactive features which make it seem and feel like it is in reality in front of them.

The project “Everest” is now available for people who want to explore on their own. It’s advisable to view it on IE10 while using either of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any other device they can think of. To start your journey to the Everest, click here.

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