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Posted on Apr 26 2013 - 6:00pm by Editorial Staff

Office 2013

Microsoft is known to release new versions of Microsoft Office whenever they release a new version of Windows. However, the way consumers could use the product have changed in recent times. The latest version of Office requires the user to purchase a product key, which needs to be used online to gain access to a copy of the software, or to activate a pre-installed trial version on the computer.

Microsoft office, along with software for contract management and other tasks, completes the range of tools required for businesses, home and working consumers to carry out different day-to-day operations in an efficient manner.

However, someone who has bought Windows 8 doesn’t necessarily need to install the latest version, Microsoft Office 2013, as there are other options available as well.

1.  Office 365 service

Office 365 comes in different packages. Home users can use it on 1 to 5 devices. For small businesses, 1-10 employees can use it while it works for 10-250 employees in case of mid-range businesses. The service works with different Windows version such as Windows 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and above. Office 365 supports IE 9 and 10.

Microsoft also offers a free initial trail for Office 365, and the Home Premium version features all the programs that are available in Microsoft Office Professional 2013. Apart from this feature, there’s also 20 GB of cloud storage in the form of SkyDrive, and it can be used on up to 5 devices (not only limited to laptops, but can also include tablets and smartphones).

Office 365 can be streamed online at any time from Office on Demand. The annual subscription of $99.99 offers value for money for those who want to use Office programs on multiple devices.

2.  Office web apps

Users who want to use Office from home may really not have to pay for anything as Microsoft Office web apps, the cloud service, is available at their disposal. All that’s required to take advantage of this service is to head over to, sign up, receive an e-mail address (web-based), book for contacts, calendar, and SkyDrive cloud online storage of 7 GB. An existing Hotmail address would work as well, as Outlook has replaced Hotmail.

Next, users have to log in and launch SkyDrive, and after this has been done, they’ll be able to take advantage of the four most widely used Office programs; Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word. The files of Office web apps will be saved on SkyDrive, but they can also be downloaded on other devices and shared with others as well.

For using all Office programs without internet, the most affordable option for non-business users is Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student edition that comes at a price of $139.99 and consists of the four programs mentioned above.

3.  Office 2010

For those who think Office 365 isn’t worth it can go for Microsoft Office 2013 (Home and Business edition). However, it will only work on 2 devices. The DVD version of this software retails for $279.99 (Fully Packaged Product).

This version is not too much different from the 2013 version. SkyDrive isn’t integrated in Office 2010, but it can be used with the software. Office 2010 may be just the right pick for those who aren’t too worried about their desktops and laptops malfunctioning.

Are you going to buy Office 2013, or use one of these three options? Feel free to leave comments.

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