Microsoft Made 600 Improvements To Over 50 Times More Feedbacks Received Than Hotmail

Posted on Jul 31 2013 - 11:15pm by Editorial Staff

Microsoft twelve months ago announced a preview of its webmail service and now after running it successfully, the company shared what and about of the service. The company revealed that it has made 600 improvements based on feedback it received with having addition of 34 feature releases. The company received a total of 50 times more feedback than Hotmail.

Dick Craddock,’s Group Program Manager shared insights on how the company handle everything:

All of this feedback is triaged daily or weekly to provide a list of what we’re hearing, the current status on investigation, and the plan for what we’re going to do. Some feedback is pretty clear, like “can you add ?” When feedback is less clear, we’ll often reach out directly to the person giving the feedback, to understand more about what they’re asking for. We also work very closely with our support team to parse this info, because one person’s feature request can be another person’s support issue.


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