Microsoft Introduces ‘Pin To Pinterest’ Feature On Bing Image Search

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 10:07pm by Editorial Staff

How much you are having a love for Pinterest? Or Do you like pinning the things? If, yes then we have something for you: Microsoft today introduced the “Pin to Pinterest” feature on Bing image search, means the new roll out will let you pin image results directly from Bing to your favorite Pinterest boards.


Here is how Microsoft points about the Pinterest partnership:

  • Simple and Lightweight: There’s no need to install another bookmarklet in your browser, one click and you’re good to go.
  • Link to Original Content: Bing automatically links and gives proper attribution to the original, high-resolution source, saving you the hassle of tracking it down yourself.
  • Powerful Search Tools: Take advantage of the full breadth of Bing image search tools like sorting and filtering by size, color, layout, and more. You can even do image search within a specific website, for example, see all “summer dresses” on
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