Microsoft Explains What Makes Windows 8 Touchscreens Better, Announces 20-pixel Buffer For Gestures

Posted on Mar 29 2012 - 5:14am by Editorial Staff

Adding a user experience this is what all the time the companies are looking for, but sometimes it would not be the case. This is what the Microsoft admitted that it wasn’t always the case with Windows 7 device, and pointed out some approaches – the ways – the company is trying out in order to fix with Windows 8 hardware.

Product manager Jerry Koh and Jeff Piira in the latest Windows 8 Building blog post, explains that since the touchscreens have been traditionally designed to be most responsive in nature at the center and even can lose functionality near the edges of the bezel, swipes can be misinterpreted as taps and how the “mission-critical” edge gesture in Windws 8 may not work at all. There is a zero percent success rate in 15 screens when a right edge swipe gesture was used in order to bring up the Charm menu.

In order to use the new operating system more effectively, the team at Microsoft announced a 20-pixel buffer around the edges of the screen for Windows 7 touchscreen devices in an urge that they’ll still be able to use the latest operating system.

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