Microsoft Details Windows 8 Pre-Boot Option

Posted on May 23 2012 - 11:20am by Editorial Staff

Well here it is, Microsoft has been emphases quite a lot on Windows 8 pre-boot option but what it is exactly. To break the door, the software giant’s Chris Clark shared in a blog postDesigning for PCs that boot faster than ever before” discussing a single menu for every boot option. He stated that the boot options menu is to create a single place for every option that affects the startup behavior of the Windows 8 PC, bringing up a huge experience for users. Here is a screenshot of the boot options menu on one of my UEFI-based PCs:

In Chris Clark words:

Three solutions – one experience 

We ultimately solved these problems with a combination of three different solutions. Together they create a unified experience and solve the scenarios without needing to interrupt boot with a keystroke:

  • We pulled together all the options into a single menu – the boot options menu – that has all the troubleshooting tools, the developer-focused options for Windows startup, methods for accessing the firmware’s BIOS setup, and a straightforward method for booting to alternate devices such as USB drives.
  • We created failover behaviors that automatically bring up the boot options menu (in a highly robust and validated environment) whenever there is a problem that would keep the PC from booting successfully into Windows.
  • Finally, we created several straightforward methods to easily reach the boot options menu, even when nothing is wrong with Windows or boot. Instead of these menus and options being “interrupt-driven,” they are triggered in an intentional way that is much easier to accomplish successfully.

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