Microsoft Considered Buying Nokia Last Year But Walked Away, The Register Says

Posted on Jun 11 2012 - 12:10pm by Editorial Staff

While we just confirmed an hour ago that Samsung denying the reports that it was interested in acquiring Nokia, another news broke, which is not a current act, but was a last year story that Microsoft considered buying Nokia. British publication The Register’s Andrew Orlowski reports that software giant did got interest in buying Nokia by looking over troubled Nokia’s financial books in late 2011, but it did not happen in positive note.

Orlowski said that: “But well-placed sources tell us that Microsoft was given access to Nokia’s books late last year in an attempt to evaluate which parts, if any, were worth acquiring. Not many people know this. The story is that having had a gander, Microsoft walked away.” Adding, “the only reason Microsoft would have paid a premium for Nokia last year was to keep it out of the hands of a rival. But it’s hard to see which buyer would have valued Nokia as highly as Microsoft does, and would have paid a premium.”

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