Microsoft Confirms It Has No Plans To Make Its Own Windows Phone

Posted on Jun 26 2012 - 5:32am by Editorial Staff

Despite the fact that Microsoft having a long-hearted $250 million partnership with Nokia and while during the recent announcement of Windows Phone 8 operating system, the company confirms now that it have no plans to come out with its own Windows Phone, company’s executive Greg Sullivan, senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, said.

Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund last week released a note to clients, saying: “It is unclear to us whether this would be a reference platform or whether this may be a go-to-market Microsoft-branded handset,” said Sherlund. “We would not be surprised if Microsoft were to decide to bring their own handset to market next year given that Microsoft has decided to bring to market their own Windows 8 Surface tablet/PC products.”

Well, thinking and understanding the facts that we have as of now it is pretty much clear that Microsoft is more intended to have partnership with other companies like that of Nokia to experiment its Windows Phone operating system and once it is sure that yes, now it is the time to come up with its own, we, actually, I guess, then it will be the time Microsoft comes with its own Windows Phone.

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