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Posted on Mar 27 2018 - 6:03pm by Editorial Staff

The internet has changed the way we deal with every little thing in our lives. From buying groceries to ordering food, paying bills, filing in the tax forms, the internet has brought a huge change. Likewise, such things as customer service also seem to be changing. You no longer can have customers wait for hours on the other end before they reach a customer service representative. In this fast-paced world, everything needs to be quick and efficient, and a good help desk software might be a great solution in this case.

WIX Answer is a platform that allows you to set up your customer service, help desk and support in a few easy steps.With WIX Answers you can customize your help page and provide all the necessary information in order to help your customers find solutions to their problems.

Gone are the days when the customer had to contact support staff to seek help, today support staff and help desks are just a click away. Today people want to receive help quickly and this can be done with WIX Answers, cloud-based software that helps you build a knowledge base as well as a support system to help your customers find the best solutions to their problems.

The Features List

# Help Centre

Unlike third-party solutions that are rigid and traditional with their layout, WIX Answers offers you the option of customizing your help center to the tiniest of details, whether you are looking to match your product colors or place your logo at a particular place on the page, WIX Answers lets you pick your favorite font and your favorite pictures with just a few clicks. Just like creating a WIX website, WIX Answers requires no coding experience what so ever, and lets you to create your help desk as a true professional.

# Categories And Articles 

Not all your customers face the same problem and categorizing the problems will help them easier find the relevant solution. With WIX Answers you can categorize possible problems into different sections depending on the specificities of your organization or your product.

You can create any number of categories that you desire, rearrange them or even delete them with just a click. As the way you have your categories onboard, you can add detailed solutions to problems in forms of articles. Whether you need to create a FAQs or an in-depth description – all you need to do is to find a suitable title and fill in the text. Notes and tips are a great way to give additional information to your customers and can be added quite easily with WIXAnswers.

# Ticketing

While a knowledge base can provide the basic help, customers might face more complicated problems and then there is a high chance they would want to contact you. WIX Answers provides you with a simple and efficient ticketing service that brings together all your queries redirecting them to one place. You can direct relevant articles to the users depending on the nature of their problem. You can also prioritize certain complaints and close them after successful resolution of the problem.

# Built-in Call Centre

With WIX Answers, you no longer have to rely on your local BPOs to answer your calls. Your office can now take charge of answering your 1-800 calls from their

desks. The built-in call center feature lets you to offer the phone support directly to your customers.

# Help Anywhere 

By enabling a simple widget you can now provide help options to your customers anywhere on your site. You can customize topics on this widget and allow customers to create tickets with a few clicks.

# Checking On Your Team

WIX Answers also allows you to keep a track of how your entire support team is performing, giving you access to analytics and insights. Right from the ticketing to your knowledge base and your help desk everything is seamlessly interconnected helping you to provide the best customer experience.

# Easy To Work With

If you thought that all the above features were the best part of WIX Answers, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Undoubtedly the best part of this help desk solution is its simplicity and super user-friendly interface that is easy to work with. You can set up your own help center in a matter of few hours without the hiring a designer, developer or an SEO guru. You can set up the whole thing yourself and it is all customizable.


All in all, Wix Answers is a great platform for setting up your complete customer support without much hassle. What is also great about this software is thatit is free to start. Everything starts with your customers and everything ends with them too, hence we truly recommend you to take a good care of them, invest your time in providing the best consumer experience and support possible and Wix Answers is there to help you with it!

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