Meet Rachel, The Crazy Ones Telling Why She’s Spending $200 For Being In The iPhone 5 Line

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 4:28am by Editorial Staff

How big the Apple’s iPhone 5 will take the lead, we can only go through with numbers, the figures that is in front of us, but one or other, whether knowing the teardown value or learning about the reviews from different sources across the web, the new instalment of iPhone – the iPhone 5 is what the newest heart throb among people.

There are quite a lot more excitement over Apple’s newly released iPhone 5, as people being camping out on the street for days on the street outside Apple’s store in a hope to get the iPhone 5. Among such craze, with the 9to5Mac and Sam Roberts, we are now able to meet Rachel and can find out exactly why she’s in the race to get the Apple’s iPhone 5.

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