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Posted on Jan 18 2018 - 9:28am by Editorial Staff

There is a growing concern among parents about the way children are gaining access to volatile content on the internet. With terrorist groups carrying out large scale propaganda on popular social media sites, going to an extent of even hiring through those mediums, the vastness and the obscurity of the internet has never been more real. Suddenly the growing ban on the internet and the whole net neutrality debate seems justified when you have your young kids to shelter.

But there is a way that you can help keep a track on your teens without shadowing them on the internet. Keyloggers are a great way to help keep record of the activity on your computer. Keystroke recorder for Mac and other OS are great administrative tools that are used by big IT firms for trouble shooting technical problems that are difficult to resolve. They are also used by companies and businesses world over to monitor activity of their employees, without their knowledge.

Similarly keyloggers can be used by parents to track activity on their home system. Gone are the days when parental locks were used and blocking sites would give you a control over what your adolescent is up to online.

What can you do with Elite Keylogger for Mac?

Web activity is now traceble

Elite Keyloggers can record every key stroke on the computer that it is installed on. Right from websites to passwords and even chat information can be retrieved with Elite Keyslogger.  Instant messages, emails can also be traced with the Elite Keylogger, as well as social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be monitored.

Keep a track of the passwords

While every operating system has a way to retrieve passwords, none can do it as efficiently as the Elite Keylogger that can keep track of all passwords entered via that system’s keyboard. The software is also capable of taking screen shots on a regular basis, to keep a closer eye on what is happening on your system.

Get a written report

Keeping track of every little movement can be a tiring task, which is where the monthly email from Elite Keylogger really helps. At the end of every month get a detailed report, listing all the websites visited during the past 30 days. This data is traceable even if the browser history has been deleted. Once the Elite Keylogger is installed you won’t need to access that computer again.

Monitoring invisibly

One of the best parts about the Elite Keylogger is that it can stay completely invisible and do all the work. From monitoring chats and documents to even knowing what kinds of images are being shared on your computer, you can now trace everything thanks to the Elite Keylogger.

The software comes in two versions, free and PRO. While the free version is not hidden and may be short on a few of the features it is very useful, if you want to give it a go before going completely PRO. The Elite Keylogger is a great tool not to mention extremely powerful as well and when used correctly can be very useful.

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