Meet Infolinks, A Better Way To Monetize Websites With Smart Ad Units

Posted on Jan 9 2015 - 9:38am by Editorial Staff


Have you been advertising your business with some famous online advertisement companies and still feel that they are not hitting the mark? Has increase in traffic to your site been only marginal since you began your online campaign? Or is it that although a lot of people come to your site, very few actually hangs on?

Well, the common root of this problem is actually the banner advertisements that you are putting out. Even with popular advertisers who have been in the game for long enough the problem is that banner adverts fail to attract customer attention like they used to before. If they manage to attract attention, chances are that they are not relevant to what the user is looking for and there is high possibility that your budget is being spent on the wrong audience altogether. The solution for this is Infolinks!

A California based company, Infolinks, has found an innovative way of getting your advert to the right kind of people without showing them the ‘in-your-face banners’ that most users have become selectively blind to. Instead, Infolinks places your advert in form of links in the most relevant content thereby increasing chances of users clicking on it and arriving to your business page.

Since the content is relevant, there is a higher probability of the user staying on for longer or even buying something off your site (if you have the provision to) since that is exactly what the user is looking for. Unlike the banner adverts today those first identify the user and then display ads at a latter point in time, Infolinks has the ability to target users in real time.

Another issue with banner advertisements is their rigidity of placement. Not only are we all used to these adverts being placed at specific locations on websites that we visit, we can also pick up those which are abnormally sized or placed. This simply goes to show how well tuned our brains are to adverts such as these. This is exactly why Infolinks offers you the freedom to place these ads inside the text or even your tags and if you prefer in line with the frame of the website or the blog.

With over 100,000 websites that Infolinks has on its publishers list and presence in 128 countries, you can find the right audience with them. The site analyses over a trillion keywords every month and works on all platforms, including mobile ones. Sounds good, huh? While to provide you more better resources, Infolinks offers both widgets and plugins if you are on blogging platforms like of WordPress, Tumblr, Dupal etc.


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