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Posted on Aug 3 2017 - 1:08pm by Editorial Staff

iOS is famous for its ease of use and simple interface. Users of iPad, iPod or the iPhone are in love with their devices and would never part with them. But there is something that they would happily part with and that is iTunes. Every Apple user is forced to use this bulky transfer software to manage their devices and a majority of them just hate it. The hardships caused while using iTunes has hardly decreased over the years and that is why Apple users prefer IOTransfer.

IOTransfer is a third party iPad / iPhone manager for Windows and can do everything that iTunes can do, but in a much simpler and hassle free way. iTunes is designed for the users who also use Apple desktops. Since, most iPhone and iPad users actually use Windows for their personal computing needs, working with iTunes is cumbersome. Add to it, the frequency of updates that one need to install, makes iTunes the least favourite software for data transfer. IOTransfer addresses all the drawbacks of iTunes and offers a simple and refreshing way of transferring data with a single click, just the way it should be.

Users of Apple devices are extremely wary of connecting their devices to multiple computers. Slight oversight and a couple clicks is all you need to erase your device completely. Data overwrites among different iOS devices is also common. However, with IOTransfer, you can connect multiple devices at the same and easily share files between them and bulk transfer files to and fro, with quite an ease. The simple user interface ensures that you can visualize all your devices easily. By allowing bulk transfer, this iPad or iPhone data transfer software saves you precious time.

Whether you are a music fan or someone who loves reading ebooks or playing games on your iPad and iPhone, IOTransfer can help you transfer these files in no time. There are no limitations on how much you can transfer and ensures that your precious data is backed up. In the rare event that your device fails,  you can simply pickup where you left off. Needless to mention, but you also save money that you would have spent on excess cloud storage for your devices.

An added advantage of using IOTransfer as your iPad /iPhone manager software is that you can free up space from your drives by transferring your videos onto your PC. Since videos take up a lot of space on these devices, IOTransfer lets you quickly transfer them and free up valuable space on your device, so that you are always ready to capture the next adventure you go on.

At $29.95 for a lifetime licence for a PC, IOTransfer is a steal at the moment. The purchase also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you would like to give it a try before purchasing, you can simply download it from the site and start using it right away. No matter how many Apple devices you buy, IOTransfer is the only data transfer and manager software you really need.

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