Making The Most Of Your Available Space With A Container Shelter

Posted on Nov 28 2014 - 12:53pm by Editorial Staff

Storage Shelter

If your business has a yard where materials and equipment are stored, or you work on-site, available storage space can always create problems. You will see on building sites and company yards all over Australia many shipping containers which are used to store equipment securely, whilst also protecting it from the elements.

Shipping containers can be easily relocated across the yard, or even across the country, unlike permanent structures and buildings. These metal boxes are a familiar site to a lot of people all over the world, and they are used by both business and private individuals. So if you use shipping containers for storage and you are also looking for additional storage space, container shelters from Port Shelters may just be the answer.

Increasing your Covered Storage Space

Shipping containers are an excellent way to ship equipment with the greatest of ease, as well as also store equipment on-site. The shipping containers come in a range of sizes and are able to be adequately secured, as well as protect the contents from the elements. To increase the amount of covered storage space you can have, all you need to do is place two shipping containers parallel to each other, and then erect a Dome Shelter just like container shelters from Port Shelters.

Just as with the shipping containers, the dome shelters are also available in a range of standard sizes and are suitable for shipping containers between 20 and 40 foot long. The dome can span an area of just over 5 meters wide, right up to almost 16 meters wide. This gives you a protected area that you can use for many different purposes.

  • Vehicle Parking
  • Semi Covered Workshop
  • Covered Storage
  • Covered Rest Area

As well as there being a variety of standard sizes on offer, you can also have your dome shelter custom made for you, to suit your specifications exactly.

The Mobile Solution

The structure of the dome is very similar to a large tent and can be fixed to the shipping containers quickly. The poles are made from quality steel, and the Polyethylene waterproof cover is available in a variety of different colours. There are also many accessories which are available upon request;

  • Personalised Doors
  • Company Branding
  • Fixed Lighting
  • Toprail Systems
  • And more …

Including the additional fixtures, the larger dome shelters may take a day to assemble, whilst the smaller ones can be fully erected within a matter of hours. Where ever you are located in Australia, these dome shelters can be delivered quickly to any location, just as easily as you can have a shipping container delivered. If you are working on a site and need to move onto the next one, the structure can be dismantled quickly and easily, and packed up ready to be delivered to the next location. You can either do this yourself or even have experienced technicians do this for you, either way the process is very simple and straight forward.

A Cost Effective Solution

When you look at the cost of a lot of temporary structures, sometimes the price is a massive negative point, especially if the structure is only needed short-term. A Portakabin is a significant investment and although temporary, they can be problematic when moving them. Using dome shelters incorporated with your shipping containers is a cost effective solution which helps you to maximise the amount of space that you have. Whatever your requirements are there is a dome shelter solution for your needs, and you will see just how cost effective they actually are!

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