Making Life Easier For Yourself – A Calculated Effort

Posted on Feb 28 2018 - 12:44am by Editorial Staff

It would be safe to say that life is difficult enough as it is. Nobody wants to make life any harder than it currently is, as that would just be taking up the very little spare time that most people have in their lives nowadays. Day after day more and more responsibilities seem to be piling on, and it becomes harder and harder to look after your health properly these days. People working late hours, having to drive halfway across the country just to pick up their kids from school, it’s just too much to handle for one single person. If society keeps going down this route, then soon we will need to have Red Bull and coffee injected directly into our veins just to keep us going. It’s hard to speak for the majority of the populous, but it’s probably safe to say that nobody wants to have to do “shots of coffee” before work just so that they don’t pass out during lunchtime. Despite most of us not being able to simply strip away responsibilities from ourselves just to take it easy, most probably due to the fact that someone has to pay rent by the end of the month, there are ways in which you could make life a little bit easier for yourself. It in itself might not be effort-free, but you know how it is, you’ve got to put in the work to reap the rewards, it’s just that this time the rewards happen to be the ability to take it easy.

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Let’s start off easy

Before we get to the nitty gritty parts which are usually pretty hard pills to swallow, let’s start off with the ones which provide a bit more instantly gratifying, just to ease you into this a little bit. As pressing as some matters may be, and as much as you might have to do them, sometimes you can just get someone else to do it for you. That’s it. Of course, unless you have a very good friend who is willing to do it for free, you will have to pay up, but sometimes the very fact that someone is going to take a load off your shoulders and do it themselves is usually worth much more than the price tag. Without further ado, let’s go through a few of them.

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Post-accidental paperwork

If you happened to ever be involved in an accident, then you know just how much going around and trying to deal with people who don’t really care about you can add to the already existing injury. You should be at home or the hospital focusing on your health for the time being, but instead, you have to go around and argue with bureaucrats. If you want someone to take that pressure off you so you can rest easy in this hard time, then go ahead and reach out to a firm which provides personal injury attorneys. To save yourself the trouble of phoning everyone up and making trips out somewhere, keep in mind that the first thing they will probably will tell you is “check out our website if you have any questions”. They’re way too nice to brush you off though, so they will explain anyway, but just keep in mind, that you most probably find most of the answers you are seeking on their website. Before you set up a day trip to go out of your way to see them, do some research.

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The bread and butter of housekeeping: cleaning

As normal as it is to have to clean up the house, and no matter how easy it might seem to some, there is probably not a single person in this world who can tell you that they’ve never felt like skipping out on their regular cleanup. Sometimes you are just too tired after work or a long day out to then do anything other than crash on the sofa and put on some Netflix the moment you get home. Despite the stereotype of having someone clean your house being a thing for the rich, the truth is that it is pretty affordable. Maybe you will not have a maid walking around your house waiting to bring you coffee if you just earn an average salary, but you will most definitely have someone who can go around and clean up your mess while you happen to be out and about or at work.

The harder pills to swallow: Procrastination

Sometimes, the amount of stress we experience, and the workload put onto us in everyday life is due to our own imperfections, and lack of organisational skills or drive to push us forward. Just imagine you did all your tasks which needed to get done, the very moment you found out you have to do them. Imagine you never put anything off and everything got done straight away. Imagine, you stopped procrastinating and followed up all your responsibilities maybe even on the same day. No longer would the long periods of dreading to do your work be plaguing your everyday life both at home and at the office, no longer will be in that terrible middle ground of not working but not doing anything enjoyable because you know you have work to do. Of course, if it was so easy to just stop procrastinating, everybody would have done it, but there are several ways in which you can slowly work your way towards such a lofty goal.

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Look after yourself so that you can look after your free time

If you feel like you haven’t slept properly in the past year, what are the chances of you doing everything at a reasonable pace? What are the chances of you having some free time outside of the office and doing the dishes, if you can barely bring yourself to stand up and go to work in the morning? If you are tired of being tired and don’t want to be in a perpetual slump, then there are two major ways in which you can combat this. A decent diet, and a decent sleep schedule. Not a perfect sleep schedule, not a flawless diet, but just an actually decent one will do. Sometimes it’s ok to start small, and once you start feeling the effects of your new and improved lifestyle kicking in, you will surely pursue better things by yourself

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